truenorth foundation

As a socially responsible business, we are aware that charities need willing hands to provide basic services to those in need. These basic necessities such as food, medicines, and others are on the list of priorities for many charitable organizations. These organization rely on fundraisings campaigns and donations to make the difference between whether the foundation can continue to open its doors or not. Volunteer work is another aid that exists in the priority list of these organizations.


Since the beginning of 2015 year, Truenorth Corporation launched an initiative to assist selected charities in their mandates and we created the Truenorth Foundation. Through our Foundation, we have assisted charities and campaigns with fundraisings events, volunteerism and basic necessities. Similarly, we identified and supported various families or employees in need where we donate much needed funds or first necessities articles.


Our Foundation has a peculiarity, and is that its members are constituted from about 400 employees and contractors who work daily in Truenorth and have an honest genuine interest in helping others, either giving of their time to volunteer work or economically supporting the foundation.

 With these revenues we will continue to work on behalf of our compatriots in need and for the benefit of our community.


We are a not for profit charitable foundation which seeks to improve the quality of life of Puerto Ricans with limited resources, by donating our time, resources or funds to not for profit organizations focused in education and community development.



To be recognized by our work in low income communities who seek to improve its conditions and its environment using education, safety and health.

  • Committment

    Facilitates that a person gives their all to reach their objectives. A commitment which transforms a promise into a reality.

  • Solidarity

    To offer help to those in need, to care for others, to support just causes and to reach a common goal that benefits all.

  • Respect

    Allows us to recognize, accept, appreciate and values to qualities of our brethren and their rights.

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