about Us

We are a management consulting firm with strong software and technology divisions. Business acumen leads the way. Project Management
provides the day-to-day discipline. Software builds the solution. The bedrock of Technology sustains our client’s business models.


We create unquestionable value by effectively deploying the most reliable management and technology systems to protect or create revenue, profit and customer loyalty for our clients.


To become the reference model of client centric services firms, recognized by our excellence and reliability in serving our clients and provide an exciting work environment for our employees while we serve our community with dignity, transparency and honesty.

Core Values

These are our five Core Values.

  • Create a culture of Unity and Loyalty

    Truenorth approaches each project and opportunity with the clarity that unity and loyalty are the foundations that keeps the family together. As such, we understand that our people are the face of the company and in order to attain excellence it must take care of its own. Truenorth is a family, a united family; one that grows, learns and empowers each other.

  • Work smarter, not harder

    Our success and longevity are fueled by creativity and forward thinking, which has earned us our knowledge, our smartly-earned knowledge. This allows us to get new perspectives to achieve the ultimate goal; to lead change in any enterprise with commitment, teamwork and personal leadership.

  • Act with integrity in everything you do

    We demand excellence and transparency in the services we provide but more importantly we expect to do it in an honest and professional manner. Our track record has earned us a level of trust that few companies have achieved.

  • Pride in making the change

    Our values and contribution as professionals go beyond the structure of the organization. We see ourselves as a positive influence in our society and want to continue to be part of the constructive change in our surroundings. In short, we want to leave a legacy; one that inspires, produces and lays a solid foundation for generations to come.

  • Desire to be the best

    Truenorth is a team of professionals who are fueled by a desire for excellence. Truenorth encourages this and foments an environment where living by example is expected and where performance, consistency and perseverance are the norm.